What to bring to the hospital

What to bring to the hospitalFor many young children, and even some of us adults, the prospect of a hospital stay can be a scary thing.

Angie Long and Catherine Coakley, child life specialists at Via Christi ChildLife Center, have some tips for parents on what to bring when your child is admitted to the hospital.

Familiar items help make the hospital stay as comfortable as possible for your child while helping to create a sense of normalcy in an otherwise stressful time. 

For your infant, items such as baby food, diapers and formula will be provided during your stay.

Children can be soothed by:

  • Comfort items like a favorite stuffed animal or blanket
  • Regular clothes or pajamas, since they may feel more comfortable in their own clothes
  • Familiar toys or movies on DVD to distract them from their anxiety
  • Slippers or shoes for walking in the halls
  • Personal care items including glasses and contacts, if the child wears them

Encourage your teen to bring their cell or smart phone, personal computer/tablet and personal music device with headphones such as an iPod. Magazines, school work, videos and books are also a good idea.

For yourself, parents should bring a change of clothes, pajamas and/or bathrobe and personal care items. Many parents can stay with their child in the child’s room while they’re hospitalized.

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I am the coordinator of the Women's Connection's blog and have worked for Via Christi Health for 11 years. I'm also the mother of two boys, ages 11 & 13.
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