What’s the best way to sneeze?

We’re smack in the middle of cold and flu season and there are lots of people coughing and sneezing everywhere you look.

Most people take great pains to contain their cough or sneeze, either by using a tissue, sneezing into their hands, or even into their elbow.

The prevailing wisdom is that if you cover your cough or sneeze by using your elbow, you’re effectively limiting the spread of germs. 

What's the best way to sneeze?Recently ABC News tackled the question of what is the best way stop the spread of germs when sneezing and not get everyone around you sick. Their findings may surprise you.

After conducting their own experiment, they found that uncovered sneezes can land almost 11 feet away from a person.

When sneezing into closed hands, the sneeze still managed to land 3.5 feet away.

Sneezing into an elbow, one of the newer ways to prevent the spread of germs, fared worse; the sneeze landed 8.5 feet away.

The best way to prevent the spread of germs when sneezing was actually found to be using a tissue to cover your mouth and nose. During the experiment, no spray was found to get through the tissue.

So be sure to stock up on tissues so you’re ready the next time you feel a cold, or sneeze, coming on.

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I am the coordinator of the Women's Connection's blog and have worked for Via Christi Health for 11 years. I'm also the mother of two boys, ages 11 & 13.
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2 Responses to What’s the best way to sneeze?

  1. Nancy Jones says:

    Sneezing into a tissue is absolutely best, but consider that sneezes are almost always spontaneous and fast, no time to get a tissue. Elbow still best under those conditions

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