Via Christi Breastfeeding Clinic: Help when you need it most

BreastfeedingWhen my daughter was 5 days old, I made an emergency visit to Via Christi Breastfeeding Clinic. I was in excruciating nursing pain and was confused and depressed. Lactation consultant Megan came to my rescue. 

I had major problems and she started me down the road to recovery and success. She stayed past hours to help me and made sure I got follow-up calls over the weekend. 

That weekend I received calls from Patti, Toni and Deb. Some were even after shifts had ended.. When I thanked them for going above and beyond, each said they were happy to do it because that’s how strongly they feel about helping women breastfeed. They talked me through my challenges over the weekend, shared their own experiences and nursing difficulties with me and helped me know I was not alone.

I returned to the clinic several times over the next few weeks to get accurate production measurements and work on production issues. Each nurse had new suggestions and tips and I learned something every time I visited. Being on the receiving side of Via Christi services was humbling and incredible.

The clinic has moved to a new location — Rooms 435 and 463 in the NewLife Center at Via Christi Hospital on Harry. 

Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, but patients with questions may call 316-689-5426 anytime.

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