One Healthy Thing: Disinfect your home with wipes

Each day during January, Via Christi is offering One Healthy Thing you can do to create a better 2014. Today’s tip comes from Carolyn Koehn, director of safety and environmental services at Via Christi.

It’s my job to make sure our hospitals are clean and our patients, visitors and staff are safe. To prevent illness and to cut down on dirt, germs and allergens in your home and office, I recommend you do as we do in our hospitals — hit your high-touch surfaces with disposable disinfecting wipes.

Disinfecting is different from cleaning. Cleaning removes dust and debris, while disinfecting kills and slows the spread of germs such as illness-causing bacteria and viruses. You’ve got to scrub to clean. To disinfect, you simply apply a surface coating of disinfectant and let it either sit or air dry as directed.

Disinfecting wipesHere are the areas I recommend:

  • Living room: TV/DVD/DVR remotes, furniture arms, window sills, other horizontal surfaces, doorknobs
  • Bathroom: Sink/shower/tub, faucets, other surfaces, toilet handles, seat and surfaces, countertop.
  • Kitchen: Refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave surfaces, faucet, countertops, garbage can.
  • Office: Light switchers, doorknobs, phones, computer mice and keyboards.

Be sure to carefully read all product labels and follow instructions. There may be information about cautions for use, contact duration requirements, residue management, and so on. And never mix chemicals!

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I am the digital manager for Via Christi Health, father of a toddler boy, husband of an awesome occupational therapist, and lover of baseball.
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